Meet The Pit Crew

Todd Mead

Regional Manager

Todd is spearheading the growth and direction of HVO. Todd has over 30 years of automotive experience in many facets from fabrication and mechanical repair, performance engine building to parts expert. Starting as a teenager, he built race cars for himself and other drivers at tracks around Maine and progressed to working on NASCAR Cup Series race cars. With the birth of his son Jarek, Todd put his focus into his professional career and has developed strong leadership skills and has a winning track record of developing new businesses, improving quality and efficiencies, improving customer relations as well as expanding existing businesses he has worked for.

When he is not at work, you will likely find him driving his custom 2007 Mazda Miata around Florida with his wife of 21 years Teresa or working in his shop on his next project. Fascinated with science and history, his favorite TV show is Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch. One little known fact about Todd is he had a Christmas light display at his former home in Maine that included over 10,000 computer controlled LED lights. He has 2 Boston Terriers - Millie and Lucy and a Shorkie poo named Sam. His love of pets encouraged him and Teresa to use the light display to raise over $10,000 for the local animal shelter during COVID and the following 2 years.

Todd identifies with “any appearance accessory because I enjoy personalizing and making vehicles look a way that represents their owner.”

Jen Tuthill

Director of Human Resources

Jen Tuthill is our Director of HR at Eastern Events, Inc. the primary corporation for HVO. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our family owned and operated corporation. She has a Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Husson University. Because of her extensive schooling and experiences, she has the unique ability to understand Eastern Event’s core business and values then apply it to the human resources department. Jen’s primary goals are to help all employees have a successful career and enjoy their employment within the family of businesses operated by Eastern Events, Inc. She states she identifies with our commercial outfitting products because she really likes to help people make their workday easier and more successful.

Jen married her husband Mike last September! He is a Consultant at Deloitte Consulting as well as the Owner of High Tech Events. They DJ weddings/events on the weekends! Her and Mike live on Pushaw Lake in Glenburn, ME with their furbaby, a black lab named Oakley. He is the best boy who gives hugs and will do most anything for a treat.
When not helping her husband DJ events you can most likely find her on the water.  She enjoys anything and all things to do with relaxing on and in the lake. Jen’s favorite movie is Hidden Figures, because she has always been curious about space & she can’t pass up a feel good “girl power” movie!  Another fact many people do not know about her is that she has been on two medical mission trips, one to Ecuador and one to Guatemala.

If you would like more information about becoming a member of HVO, Wallace Events, One Stop Event Rentals or Handyman Equipment Rental, please reach out to Jen.  She would enjoy talking with you about the exciting opportunities and benefits we offer our staff.

Jake Taylor

Vice President of Eastern Events

Jake Taylor is the Vice President of Eastern Events, Inc. which is the parent company of HVO.  Jake started as a young teen working with his Uncle Brian Spencer (President of Eastern Events, Inc.) at Wallace Events.  Through hard work, dedication and a salacious desire to learn everything about the events business, Jake has worked his way up through the company from the very bottom.  Jake is now the VP of Operations for all 4 businesses owned by Eastern Events.  A progressive thinker, he is often described as “living outside the box” by those that know him and work with him.

In addition to his responsibilities for Eastern Events, Jake is very proud of his work while serving on multiple boards of non-profit organizations that help young entrepreneurs.  “It is so rewarding to see early stage business owners gain success and become impactful in their given industry”.  Jake is also the youngest person ever to be a member of a Northern Light Hospital Board and is currently serving in that capacity. In addition, he is currently the Vice President of Ellsworth Business Development Corporation and a Corporator at Bangor Savings Bank. Jake identifies with many of HVO’s products.  “Any item that helps someone make their job easier.  I love helping our customers, employees and the Ellsworth community find products that make their lives and work more efficient!”

When not at work you can find Jake with his family “enjoying anything outdoors!  Boating, Hiking, Water Skiing, Downhill Skiing, Snowmobiling, etc..”.  He is married to his high school sweetheart, Courtney, since 2012.  They started dating in 2005 and have been together since.   Courtney is a Nurse Practitioner of Cardio-Thorasic Surgery at Eastern Maine Medical Center.  Together they have 2 children - Lucas (5) and Camden (2).  Little known fact - Jake is currently working towards getting his Private Pilot's License

Jake’s favorite movie is Ford v. Ferrari.  It is not only a fast action movie about some of the industries most iconic cars, but the business dealings and negotiations that made those cars are particularly interesting to Jake.  He lives by the quote “Perfection is the enemy of Progress”.  Jake states “I have been a business owner/operator since 2010, but our purchase of HVO in 2021 is the first company that I have been a part of that operates in the vehicle industry.  I have really enjoyed learning the business.”

Caleb Chaisson

Shop Supervisor, Portland, ME

Caleb is our lead technician and shop supervisor of HVO, Portland.  Caleb has over 20 years of automotive experience and is a previous shop owner.  When asked about his favorite car he has owned, Caleb replied “When you’ve owned 20+ cars at age 33 that sort of becomes a loaded question! I love Both of my current jeeps because of how capable they are and where they take me. I loved my Nitrous injected foxbody Mustang, I loved my 400hp T top Z28! I loved my hopped up little Volkswagens! They all evoke different feelings, all corresponding with joy.”

Caleb is HVO’s off-road expert. “I love testing and trying new products and seeing what works in the field and what’s a classic case of over engineering. Offroad is one of the last facets of automotive enthusiasm where pushing the absolute limits of your hardware is the name of the game, and you have to think on your toes and be Innovative when things go wrong on the trail! Anything offroad resonates with me deeply!”

Caleb credits much of his success to his wife Shannon. “Shannon, the love of my life! Oftentimes when the shop looks better than usual, it has everything to do with her. The same goes for my mood, lunch, so on and so forth. Shannon is incredible!”

Caleb has two fur babies that he is devoted to.  His Chow Chow, Australian Shepherd, Husky mix, Aurora is 8 years old. Caleb rescued her from a puppy mill in the south when she was 6 months old and has fully trained her himself -  hand, eye motion, blood glucose reactive and voice command trained.  She lives out her best life with Caleb and Shannon at car shows, wandering the campground at home and on the trails  with the jeeps.  His other baby is Big Cat! (That’s his name) he’s not big, but he is about 80% of a cat! Big Cat lost a front leg in an accident but lives his best life hobbling around their house and hanging out on the deck with the birds.

When not at work you can find Caleb on a trail in one of his Jeeps.  Caleb says “I’m an avid Jeep and outdoor enthusiast! Maine’s a great place to be from and I try to make the best of it. Go outside and live! (But maybe on the way, stop in and see us to get your vehicle outfitted for the road ahead!)”

Max Mowatt

Technician, Portland, ME

Max, known affectionately around the shop as DuraMax, represents the spirit of HVO and our business culture - Max is quick to help anyone, especially our customers and fellow employees.  Max will take on any task you ask of him with a smile and an honest and eager want to help.  Max will often pop up from under a car with grease from head to toe but it is only because he loves what he does and is eager to get in there.

Max’s notable career achievements so far is “I’ve managed to keep all my fingers so far”.  At just 20 years old, he has not had the opportunity to own many cars, but he enjoys his current Nissan Rogue that he proudly paid for himself and even paid for his own driving lessons.

When not at work Max can be found doing something fun and relaxing.  He enjoys drawing. He  is very artistic and has even given himself a tattoo.  He is also a pretty good cook!  His favorite movie is Hancock.  Though his favorite quote is “call me #$%@% one more time.” from one of his favorite movies, the quote we often share with him in the shop is “AND THEN?”

Max has two dogs he enjoys time with.  He identifies with our newest products “A trailer because I am good at hauling stuff around”.  He lives by the motto “Pro tip. You can’t get your feelings hurt if you didn’t care in the first place :^)”

Colby Duncanson

Technician, Portland, ME

Colby is HVO Portland’s newest technician and comes to us with a wide range of automotive skills and experience.  A diehard VW fanatic, Colby is well versed in all things VDub. He also has extensive camper and trailer experience and is an expert in towing.  He is Dometic systems certified and forklift certified. Along with expanding his experience and skills in all aspects of outfitting, he is currently building his dream car - a radically custom VW Jetta.  If you have a VW vehicle, Colby likely has the answers for you.  Though he is a VW expert, Colby states his favorite car he has owned is a 2001 BMW e46 - but don’t tell anyone.

When not at work, Colby can be found spending time with his 1 year old nephew, out camping with his longtime girlfriend Angéle, in the garage wrenching on his VWs, at the motocross track and spending time with his family.  He also has two cats Stella and Penelope and little known to people outside Colbys personal circle - he is a big lover of all animals.   Colby says he identifies with our Lightbar product line because “ I have a very bright, outgoing personality.”  Colby lives by his favorite quote “Either you run through the day or the day runs through you” – Jim Rohn